The first season

JobsTVnews is a new concept in career marketing. We are both a television program broadcast twice weekly across Canada on Canadian Learning Television and a high traffic website with considerable streaming video content. All our half hour shows and online videos are about jobs and careers. We cover the world of business and organizations as employers - and career opportunities. We try to provide our viewers and visitors with enough information to decide if a particular job would be a career option. And then, we help them find a job.

We have just completed our first 13 week season and will return to production for 13 more shows in mid winter 2004. The start up has been everything from hard work to fun - enriched by a wonderful learning experience. The greatest of which was our discovery that many Canadians truly love their careers - from Plumbers to Research Scientists. We had a 64 year old plumber with 49 years experience tell us that he has truly enjoyed every day of his career and a Research Scientist describe the feeling of a scientific breakthrough - powerful stuff.

We know from experience and from friends and family that many Canadians do not enjoy their careers - some even hate their jobs. What a waste! More information and better advice at the right time can lead to a more suitable career choice - and change people's lives for the better. This is our challenge.

We have also learned that there are many Canadians who have invested years of their lives and tens of thousands of dollars training for jobs and careers that do not exist. Talented and hardworking young people with BA's and Diplomas in disciplines for which there is little or no demand are pouring lattes at Starbucks or bussing tables at Earl’s wondering how they are going to pay back their student loans. What a waste!

Can we as Canadians afford this as the baby boomers begin to retire and create skill shortages? No! This is another challenge.

Students and job seekers deserve access to more and better career planning information. Serving this interest is a role that we at JobsTVnews have chosen.

The first season has been fun and I extend my thanks to all who participated – our sponsors and especially my good friends and colleagues who gave generously of their time and talent to make our show and website better every day. Following, is a list of all those wonderful companies and organizations who contributed content and helped make our start up a success.

Yours Very Truly,

Gary Payne
Executive Producer

“ We would like to thank the following companies and organizations for their contributions to the success of the first season of production for JobsTVnews”

Plastics Manufacturing

Glas Aire
Canadian Plastics Sector Council

Health Care Professionals
Vancouver Hospital
Simon Fraser Health Authority
Children & Women’s Hospital
Canadian Forces - Nurse

Mechanical Contractors Association of BC
BC Construction Association
Vancouver Regional Construction Association
Mott Electric

Vancouver Police department
Vancouver Community College
Post Secondary Employers Association
Registered Nurses association of BC

BC Biotech

Vancouver Airport Authority
Nav Can

BC Tourism
Westin Bayshore Resort and Marina

Public Safety 1
Canada Coast Guard
North Vancouver District Fire Department

Public Safety 2
Fisheries and Oceans
CN Police
Translink Police
Canada Customs
E-Comm – 911

The Bay
Sport Chek
Coast Mountain Sports
BC Retail

Mainframe Entertainment
Movies and TV Production
Kirk Talent
Somnambulist Imagery

Port Vancouver
Vancouver Port Authority
Terminal Systems Inc.
BC Truckers Association
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